24 Tips to Help You Build the Perfect DIY Coop Using Circular Saw!

1. Check Local Regulations

The first, and arguably most important thing you should do prior to building your DIY chicken coop is to check local regulations. Every city has it’s own set of “poultry laws”, some limit the number of hens you’re allowed, while others have no limit, but instead have strict rules about the size or shape of the coop.

2. Build a Secure Coop
I was browsing Google news the other day when I came across this VERY interesting article for anyone considering this DIY project.

This proves that taking proper security precautions when constructing your coop is extremely important. Of course, this is only one person with a coop, who knows how many predators might be around your particular location!

3. DIY Chicken Coop Plans

Let’s face it, without high quality step by step instructions and tools like a mini circular saw, building a chicken coop would tough if not down right impossible. Knowing this, I set out to find the best guide in hopes of saving a lot of time and well.. keeping my sanity!


After a few days of research & testing, I found the DIY guide that ended up working best for me. For those of you who, like me, want the “easiest way possible”, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll love BuildingaChickenCoop.com because it’s affordable, step by step, and most importantly… it works!

Learning how to build a chicken coop isn’t too difficult, but you MUST have the right plans by your side at all times. To download the plans, click the blue link above, or if you want to see a preview check out the free sample plans page to get access to the PDF right away!

If you download the coop blueprints, drop a comment below & let me if they helped!

4. Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

If even one of your chickens catches a disease or sickness, it could spell disaster for the whole operation! You must be able to clean anywhere in your coop quickly, so you can do it often and without hassle. Here are a few proven ways to make cleaning and maintaining your homemade chicken coop a breeze.

  • Install doors that only open inward, not outward.
  • Design the floor at a low angled slope, towards the main door.
  • Rotate the bedding in your coop frequently.
  • Wash your chicken waterers in a tub of “food safe” dish soap every month.
  • Protect your feed from squirrels, moths, mice, etc. by keeping it in an air-tight, dry container.

5. Picking the Ideal Location

Choosing the right location is crucial, not only for the sake of your neighbors (depending on how they feel about your new chicken house), but the chickens as well! Place your coop in a location that gets adequate sunlight at least a few times per day. If you live in a wetter climate, this tip is very important, as it helps keep your coop dry, and prevents odor and dampness. Make sure you download chicken coop plans that have windows, as sunlight is good for the coop and the chickens.

6. Appearance & Design

Consider the appearance of your coop. As I mentioned above, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a separate piece of land to build on, it’s a near certainty your neighbors will see it. Although the chickens won’t care about how the coop looks, it’s always a good idea to download aesthetically pleasing chicken coop designs to avoid any complaints. An eye-catching, clean chicken coop is reflective of a professional quality build.

7. Size & Number Of Chickens

  • Inside the coop: at least 4 sq ft / bird.
  • Outside the coop (the “run): at least 10 sq ft / bird.
  • Roosts – 3 horizontal ft / bird.

8. Use Quality Materials

Over the long run, using the best quality materials for your coop will save you A LOT of money. Cheap upfront costs are NOT the right way to save money! Cheap chicken coop designs & materials take twice as long to assemble, and don’t last near as long. Remember, the chicken coop is outdoors every day of the year, it’s going to subjected to rain, snow, and all other dangerous weather. Trust me on this one, don’t ever cut corners to try & save a buck!

9. Ventilation

Keeping your chickens protected from the weather, predators, and all other danger requires a pretty “locked down” coop. That being said, it’s crucial that you install proper ventilation so the chickens that breathe easily. Not only will investing in a great ventilation system help the chickens breathe, but also prevent ammonia and dampness build up inside the walls.

10. Heat & Lighting

Proper lighting inside your coop not only provides the chickens with a light source, it also functions as a great source of heat. If you want to design your backyard coop in a way that’s easy to maintain year round, getting a quality lighting system is a good start!

11. Accessibility

You need to be able to gather eggs without bending down too far, or reaching too high. I recommend building your chicken house so that you’re able to collect the eggs without having to walk over chicken droppings. One simple way to do this is install a latch & hinge on the horizontal door (covering the box) on the side you want to access the eggs.

12. Weather & Climate

As I briefly mentioned earlier, weather & climate is a huge concern when learning how to build a chicken coop, and for a good reason no doubt. Heavy rain, hail, snow, and all other harsh weather conditions can have disastrous effects on your coop and the chickens inside.

So… how can you protect your coop? Luckily, it’s not too hard.

  • Build a draft free chicken house that has doors & windows you can open and close as needed.
  • Make sure the doors & windows have proper security by installing screens & heavy gauge mesh wire.
  • Build the coop on a high point in your yard. This helps with draining and ensuring the least amount of dampness.

13. Chicken Feeder & Waterer Location

Technically, you can place the waterers & feeders anywhere, but I recommend in a location where your flock can access them easily. No one wants chicken feed all over the floors, so to avoid this you can install the feeders & waterers at the height of the chicken’s back. Doing so forces them to stretch their necks up, but stops them from reaching the feed with their feet. Be sure to always keep clean water in the waterers at all times! This will help avoid the spread of disease and any other potential health problems.

14. Let In Some Sunshine & Fresh Air!

Chickens need sunlight to stay healthy. Avoid keeping them in the shade, as it can cause seriously complications down the road. If you property is small, you should seriously consider constructing a portable coop so you have the ability to move it around.

15. Build Chicken-Size Doors in the Coop

If you decide to go free range in the future, you can make use of these small doors for allowing the chickens easy access in and out of the coop.

16. Build the Roof at a Steep Angle

You may think a flat roof on your coop is more eye-catching, but building the roof at a steep angle is the most effective way to keep precipitation for settling on the roof. By now, you’ve probably heard me say use asphalt shingles a few times, but you should also consider sheet metal, hard plastic, or metal roofing for even more advanced protection.

17. Use Thick Wire Mesh

This is so important that it deserved it’s own point! Using heavy gauge wire mesh is the absolute best way to protect your chicken coop and hens from any predators lurking outside.

18. Large Coop? Use Small Windows with Screens

If your chicken coop is extremely large, consider installing small windows on the opposite side of the coop to encourage a cross breeze. This is an easy solution to increase the air flow and ventilation in your coop!

19. Exercise Your Chickens
Just like humans, chickens need exercise too! The 2 most common ways to accomplish this are…

  • A. Let them run free. Although the chickens prefer this, predators are a huge risk that must be avoided. If you have a known predators in your area, use the alternate technique instead.
  • B. Build a fenced in area where they can run around. Fencing in the area provides protection from owls, hawks, cats, and nearly all other animals that could climb over the fence or fly in.

20. Consider Your Budget

The larger the coop you plan to build, the more expensive the cost. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to consider how big of a coop, and how many chickens you can afford. There are several different ways to save money when building your coop.

  • Use materials you have laying around.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor for extra lumber.
  • Download chicken coop plans to avoid costly mistakes.

21. Use Fasteners, such as Bolts & Screws

You need to build your coop in a way that can be disassembled if necessary. Using bolts, screws, and fasteners is a great way to speed up the process, and get your repairs done fast!

22. Build Your Coop Out of Wooden Bars or Dowels

I recommend using wooden bars or dowels, NOT metal roosting bars, as they lead to nothing but problems and headaches during the cold season. The worst of which is severe freezing weather, as metal roosting bars can actually cause the chickens’ feet to freeze!

23. Required Materials

If planned correctly on the front end, learning to build a chicken coop can actually be quite easy. Here’s the most important materials you will need for the project.

  • Plywood. Sheet lumber like plywood is perfect for sheathing roofs, creating floors, and even cladding walls.
  • Roofing shingles. For the best protection, make sure to use a layer of asphalt roofing shingles (the same ones used on a home).
  • Fencing staples. U-shaped nails are perfect for fastening the wire mesh in place.
  • Wire mesh. One of the best practices when building your coop is to wrap the exterior with heavy-gauge wire mesh.
  • Framing lumber. The exterior of the chicken house is usually made with 2x4s or 2x3s. For large models, 2x6s or 2x8s may be required.
  • Nails / screws. Regardless of which type of coop you build, you’re going to need nails & screws to complete the job.

24. Learn the Building Process

Unfortunately, I can’t fit the full chicken coop building process in this post, as it will save you A LOT of time. Being that there’s not a lot of quality chicken coop blueprints available on the web, “Building a Chicken Coop” is a gem I feel extremely lucky to own!…

circular saw

Great Tips For Affective Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is, perhaps, one of the most dreaded quests most people embark on each year. It’s a time to throw away old, unwanted items, organize those you are planning to use, and give your entire home a thorough cleaning. Because of all it entails, the prospect can be daunting, but there are useful hints you can follow that will make it a little easier to tackle. Below are 15 useful tips that will help you get started.

Begin cleaning from top to bottom. Start by cleaning the ceiling fans and light fixtures, then move on to windows, furniture, and carpets.
Wash your windows both inside and out. Vacuum or wash the draperies or window treatments as well.

Wash blankets, throw rugs, and bed covers. When doing so, try to set aside some time just for this purpose. This will give the task continuity.

Move furniture and vacuum beneath and around it. This can prove to be a tedious task, but you’ll be happy you did it.

If your clothing is located all together in one closet, sort the winter clothes from the summer ones. Set aside any clothes you would like to discard or give away. This is the perfect time to do so.

Check all downspouts and clean them accordingly. This is important, as it can reduce the chances of unwanted clogs or other problems from occurring.

Arrange to have your air conditioning system inspected. Spring is the best time to do this, because the hot weather has not yet taken hold. Also check and clean air filters and vents.

Check and replace smoke detector batteries. This should actually be done ever six months, so you might set a schedule to help you remember to do it.

Drain any sediment from your hot water heater. This will help keep it in good working condition.

Before using any cleaning products, carefully read the directions to find out what it can and can’t be used with, and how to properly use it. Failure to do so can result in a mess or possible injury in some cases, so this detail should be given the proper attention.

When cleaning vertical surfaces, start from the bottom and work your way up, overlapping as you go. Use a circular motion as you clean. This will help prevent streak marks.

Before using an abrasive cleaning product, be sure it is suitable for the surface you are cleaning. These products are good for removing food particles and other hard-to-remove soils, but misusing them can actually damage the surface. You will find directions on the bottle or can, as well as information about the various surfaces a particular product can and can’t clean.

Clean microwave spills as they occur. Otherwise, they may get baked on, which will make them much harder to remove.

Use a small foam paintbrush to clean small spaces between cabinets or under appliances. This will enable you to get to the hard-to-reach areas without leaving dirt particles behind.

Save money on paper towels by using washable, lint-free cloths. They are easy to clean when you are finished, and you will have less trash to empty at the end of your cleaning spree.
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Affective Spring Cleaning

The Benefits Of A Modular Wine Rack

As the popularity of wine continues to rise, more and more people have made it a point to become educated wine enthusiasts;

trying different wines with different meals and keeping those bottles they find the most enjoyable on hand. The storage of wine can be a space challenge, but it can also poise a design challenge. So, for savvy wine connoisseurs, combining form and function is the key to successfully displaying their wine. For them, using a wine rack is the most space efficient, visually appealing, and cost-effective method of display.

There are many wine racks on the market today, of all sizes and materials. But for many wine consumers, the modular wine rack makes the most sense when it comes to displaying their collection. The biggest benefit of the modular wine rack is its ability to grow your collection. While you may just beginning your love affair with wine, as you learn more and experience
different types of wine, you may choose to add more bottles to your collection. A modular wine rack – while it may start with space consideration for just a half-dozen bottles – can be added on to as your collection grows. This can also be enormously helpful for price considerations. It may not be necessary to spend the money for a large wine rack with space for fifty bottles when your wine collection is in its infancy. With a modular wine rack, you can add as you go, keeping pace with your interest and collection – and, in so doing, your budget can be paced as well.
A modular wine rack is generally a floor piece that can sit against a wall. As it grows, it is wise to securely bolt the wine rack to the wall behind it as it can pose serious dangers should it tip over onto someone. If you have children in the home, it is doubly important that you mind this risk.

You can find a modular wine rack in a variety of styles – from wood to wrought iron – and in a variety of places. Most large home improvement retail stores have a selection of wine racks, as do some home furnishing stores. You can also find listings for a modular wine rack online where you can even purchase one and have it shipped straight to your door. You’ll find that the modular wine rack is quite simple to put together with some common household tools.

The modular wine rack performs the dual function of organizing your wine bottles and displaying them beautifully. With the added benefit of adding on to its frame, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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Bed and Breakfasts and their importance

Regardless of where you are in the world, a bed and breakfast is usually a good place to spend the night. Many of these types of accommodation are converted houses or mansions. Some of today’s bed and breakfasts have been restored to show how they were originally built, and usually include some of the most beautiful wood, spacious brick chimneys, and other conceptions of the time they been built in. For best deals visit Indiana Bed and Breakfast
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Most of the bed and breakfasts offer a delicious meal in the morning, which generally consists of breakfast meat, eggs, toast or biscuits, fried pancakes and waffles, as well as coffee, juice and milk. Some only offer a continental breakfast, which typically includes coffee, milk, fruit juice, and donuts. In the morning, breakfast is always included in the room price. There are no specific guidelines that outline what a bed and breakfast includes, for each of them will be different. For this reason, it is extremely important that you ask a lot of questions and know what is included before booking. The best way to find a reputable bed and breakfast is looking online.

While many bed and breakfasts are small and picturesque, there are many that offer all the amenities that we need to meet our needs. Some places are pretty nice that you are able to respond, which includes your own private spa, and the Internet in your room. Depending on the location of bed and breakfast will also be an opportunity to experiment with different recreational activities, including cycling, golf, skiing and canoeing. A bed and breakfast is the ideal way to escape for a romantic weekend. Bed and breakfasts are a popular means for couples to get out that many offer a romance package that includes a professional generally anticipated weekend full of events unbelievable.
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